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3 Signs You’re Well Water Supply Has Problems

You may take it for granted every day as you turn on a tap to make your morning coffee or make a cup of tea in the late afternoon down-time, but what would you do if there was only a trickle instead of a gush of water from the faucet? If you have a private well, that could mean you have a serious problem. Here are some signs you may have an issue with your well’s water supply.

1. Pump

Your pump doesn’t have an eternal existence, so there is a strong possibility when you begin having water problems, it could be due to a broken fuse, a damaged line, or the pump pressure tank itself. Call in a specialist to check the health of your pump and to look for damaged wiring before you decide to replace the whole unit.

2. Drought

During drought conditions, below-ground water levels can shrink, and the water available in the reservoir that feeds your well water can become low. The first indication may be the sputtering of a water and air mixture as your pump tries to move water into the line and runs into the air instead. Call a Tampa well drilling team to measure the water levels in your area if you have concerns that a new pump may need to be drilled.

3. Mineralization

Sometimes the water seeping into the area that supplies your water can become clogged. This is called mineralization and can be easily remedied by either dissolving and removing the minerals with a chemical solution that cleans the fissures, or by using a hydrofracturing procedure that applies high-pressure water into the area to ‘frack’ the rocks and open the fissures a little wider.

Keeping clean water is essential to the health of your family. When your well water begins to disappear, call for help, and find a solution. It may be as simple as a blown fuse.