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Adding Recessed Lighting to Your Home

Do you need a bit more atmosphere in your living room? Are you adding lamps to brighten the space? Are you tired of electrical cords hanging about on the floor? If this is the case, you may want to upgrade the space by adding recessed lighting to your home. These bulbs, tucked into the wall, offer a modern and sleek look. Should you endeavor to tackle this project, here are three steps to consider.

Call the Experts

Don’t mess with electricity. Changing out lighting involves working with the power source cords and drilling holes in the ceiling. For your safety and your property’s protection, take the time to call in professional help. Call several electric companies in Jacksonville fl and ask for estimates. Spend time meeting with each business. Compare prices as well as work ethic and reputation. Sometimes spending more on quality is a good idea. Once you’ve selected your crew, spend time discussing what product you’ll need to purchase. You’ll need to know how many lights the room should have and what brightness would work best.

Research Products

Go back and review the business’s suggestion. Yes, the company should know best, but it’s better to double-check and make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Look up the reliability of the part as well as the cost. If this doesn’t suit your needs, find something that does.

Have It Installed

On construction day, be prepared to lose electricity in that area of the house. First, the old lighting (if you had a system) needs removal. This might require patching the ceiling. Then, the electricians should begin marking the locations for the lights. Templates are used to trace circles in the appropriate areas. Next, holes are drilled and the wiring is connected. Finally, the trim is added and light bulbs placed inside. 

Once complete, you can enjoy your new ambiance. Sit back and enjoy a good book or television show.