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Important Ways to Protect Your Home This Winter

It is important to safeguard your home against the upcoming cold winter season. Frigid temperatures and winter storms can both be causes for damage to your home that can cause personal and financial hardships. Take the time to prepare your home for the winter and stay warm and cozy throughout the rest of the year.

Check the Outside

Spend some time outside your home assessing any potential hazards for when the cold rolls in. Cut down dead or flimsy tree branches hanging over your roof or next to your house. The weight of ice or snow from the next winter storm could cause them to break and fall. Check your gutters to ensure they are clean and clear from anything that could cause a blockage.

Know Your Roof

While you are outside you should check your roof. Look for leaks or weak spots that may give under the weight of the snow or ice from a storm. Install roof snow load measurement sensors to gauge the weight of snow on the roof. That way you can know when it is time to have a contractor come and clear your roof before it gives way to the weight.

Get What You Need

Make sure to have any necessary cold-weather items on hand for the season. It is always a good idea to have a generator on hand in the event of a power outage. A secondary heat source such as a fireplace or furnace will keep you protected from the cold in case of a power loss. Have carbon monoxide protectors installed or replace the batteries in your existing ones.

Other things can be beneficial to have this coming winter. Sandbags and kitty litter are great for icy sidewalks or weighing down your vehicle on icy roads. A simple snow shovel can be the difference between getting out of the house or staying snowed in. Use pipe insulators in your attic or basement to prevent your pipes from freezing. With these few items and adjustments, you can stay warm and safe this winter season.