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Making a Home Green

In the modern era, living in a more climate-friendly capacity has become a major focal point. With the struggles against a changing climate and the modern world seeming to increase every day, many people are becoming invested in how to make a home more eco-friendly. Check out these great ways to make a home more energy-efficient and green, from contacting a solar panel expert to a spray foam contractor. 

Alternative Power

For those with the resources to do so, solar energy is a great step to take towards living a more green life. The best thing about solar energy is it is an absolutely renewable resource: while it is a more expensive initial investment, it pays off in the long run by not requiring resources from the earth time and time again. Solar power also, of course, reduces electric bills. While few houses are currently able to be designed or fitted to run entirely on renewable energy, solar power does have the ability to redirect a lot of the power that would be drawn from more traditional methods. Solar panels also successfully combat greenhouse gas emissions and dependencies on fossil fuels. 

Small Changes

For those unable to take a step as big as solar panels or modern insulation that can adapt to the seasons, there are still many small things that can be done to make a home a little bit greener. Changing light bulbs in the home, for example, from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED options or halogen bulbs might not seem like a big change but actually does a lot for the earth. These bulbs can consume up to 80% less power and also last significantly longer. Unplugging power strips, regulating heat and air faculties, and installing smart water meters to better monitor usage are all great first steps. With these types of changes adding up, a major societal shift can eventually cause the necessary large-scale changes.