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The method of dealing with floods is simple

we have been faced with a flood that strikes. The seriousness of the heavy rains made some areas in Indonesia obliged to be flooded, such as Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bekasi. Moreover, some areas that are generally not hit by floods this year want to not be obliged to accept the disaster.

Disasters do not really know, but if we can prevent them why not? Then, what must be prepared as a method of overcoming floods so as not to inundate the house or our settlement? Come on, fully follow the following.

Making Water Infiltration with Biopores

Making Bipori in the home garden can be a method for dealing with flooding so that it does not enter the house. Biopori is a hole made to absorb water from the surface towards the ground. Generally, these holes are dug close to 10-30 centimeters.

Some of the materials that can be used to make Biopori are pipes in the form of tubes that have been perforated around them, soil drills, organic waste, wire, and water. Initially, you must first ensure a position that has a good depth and water absorption. After that, moisten the soil with water.

After that, place the perforated biopori pipe in a perpendicular upward position. If you feel that the pipe position is suitable and sturdy, fill it with organic waste such as leaves, grass, or fruit peels. After that, you have to close the pipe tightly and fasten it using an iron wire. Pretty easy right?

Distributing Gap So Water Flows Into Sewers

When the rainy season comes, sewers are always a matter of concern. Because, if you are clogged, you indirectly want to create a puddle, moreover, it could be one of the main triggers for flooding. Avoid closing the gutters as this can cause water to stagnate continuously. Therefore, there are several methods of dealing with floods that you must live with.

Among other things, it justifies not throwing all various items into the gutter and installing a grill gutter to prevent the garbage from entering the gutter. In order to keep your house gutters clean, you can also invite nearby residents to do community service regularly to sterilize the sewers.

Raising the House

Another method of dealing with floods that you can apply is the method of raising the floor of your house. Strive so that the floor in the house should be bigger than the floor on the terrace.

So that rainwater does not enter the house, try to make the height of the house a few centimeters greater than the lane level. Also make sure you use a ceramic whose surface is not slippery to stay away from things like, slip and fall.

Don’t Allow The Roof to Leak

One of the problems with leakage on the roof of the house can also cause flooding. Therefore, any other flood coping method you can live with is sure there is no leak on the roof of the house.

Check regularly on the roof of your house, whether there are cracks, whether the tile needs to be exchanged, or it could be whether there is wood on the roof that is starting to rot. If cracks are found in the roof, it is better to use a leak-proof coating (waterproofing) on ​​each connection and the point where the materials on the roof meet. If the situation is severe, you should use aluminum foil with dimensions of 1-2mm for the ceiling and roof tiles.

Like some of the flood coping methods that you can apply at home. Also, make sure your house is always protected by the best insurance to be free from various losses due to natural disasters and theft.