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The Path to Becoming a Fire Investigator

There are few careers that are more heroic than firefighters and police detectives. The only thing that could be even more impressive and worthwhile is combining the two. Fire investigators allow people with experience to bring their love of problem-solving into the world of fighting fires. The path to this rewarding profession may be straightforward, but it does take a lot of dedication to see things through. From joining a firefighter team to taking a fire investigation course online, here are the basic steps to following your dream.

1. Volunteer/Career Firefighters

The first step most fire investigators take is to become an actual fireman. Whether going the paid rout or volunteering at the local firehouse, there is a lot to learn about taking on nature’s destroyer. Knowing how fires spread and what to look for when trying to extinguish a blaze will help prospective detectives to understand what chemical reactions take place during. After all, knowing how the fire ends is a great starting point for discovering how it began.

2. Training Program

Bravery and honor aside, a student can only learn so much by fighting fires firsthand. The experience will help guide you through the required training courses, especially if you’re seeking a federal position. Organizations like the ATF look for a four-year degree for their hires. Since this kind of education often interferes with every-day life, many people look for fire investigation courses online to provide the freedom necessary to balance an already busy schedule.

3. Essential Credentials

The first job many investigators get after completing their coursework is probationary. This is usually because employers want to know if you’ve got the determination to continue in the field. The best way to show off a love for learning is to keep moving forward. Getting additional certifications will help your bosses see how serious you are about becoming the best fire investigator you can be.

4. Acquiring Specializations

Branching out to new areas is a great way to keep a career interesting. Taking fire investigation courses online and working towards certifications will get you started, but as technology progresses new ways to analyze fire scenes become available. Specializing in certain areas will help you to learn the most up-to-date methods and tools of your craft. This also makes it easier to move into the private sector as well.

Finding the cause of fires is an important job since it helps to prevent future accidents or even catch arsonists and other criminals. Following this path may not be easy, but in the end, you’ll have one of the most rewarding and honorable careers available today!