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Tips for Starting an Urgent Care Clinic

Walk-in medical care facilities are an important part of any community. For those in need of immediate medical attention, a quick trip to one of these providers can save money and resolve most minor issues. If you are a professional who wants to create a clinic in your community, consider these tips to help the business run smoothly.

Establish Billing Practices

Reimbursement should be one of the highest priorities when starting. Be sure to hire office employees that are highly skilled at dealing with insurance companies. A knowledge of ICD-10 coding and how to properly populate CMS-1500 claim forms is essential to the health of your finances. Look for applicants with AAPC certifications or prior long-term experience. Contact a consulting firm if you are not quite sure your billing system is robust enough to handle operating room charges.

Choose Which Services to Offer

Take a step back and notice what similar businesses offer in the surrounding areas. Take note of what they are doing well and what may not be working out for them. Info gleaned from a little legwork will help you gain a competitive edge in services and marketing strategy. Put the patient first when brainstorming ideas that will improve the bottom line. For example, purchasing x-ray equipment for use in-house removes the need for clients to leave the building when a closer look at an injury is necessary. A pharmacy service on-site would also be convenient, plus, you can attract external business by offering delivery.

Smart Marketing

Once everything is set up at the physical location, begin to spread the word via advertising. Generate a strong brand with an easily recognizable logo and slogan. Ensure that there is a strong presence on the internet through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so the public can view clinic info fast and efficiently. A reputable designing firm will be able to construct a productive website for a relatively small investment.