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What to Do if Your Child Is Struggling in School

As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do if you hear your child is struggling in school. You may not know what to do or even where to begin to fix the problem. You may have even tried different approaches and can’t seem to find the one that works. Before you get too stressed though, try these ideas to help get your child back on track.

Find the Problem

When a child starts falling behind in school, there is usually a reason. Even the brightest students struggle sometimes. Does your child really not understand the material or is he having a problem outside of class that is making it difficult to focus? Nonacademic problems can cause students to have issues in school, so they should be addressed as well.

Get Help

It could just be that your child needs tutoring to catch up a little. If the problem is something that has nothing to do with school, you may want to consider counseling. Oftentimes children have a learning difference and need to be tested so that they can get the right help. It could also be that the school just isn’t right for your kid, so you might want to consider switching to sammamish private schools instead.


Talk to your child every day. Keep the line of communication open and let him know that you are there to help. It can be easy to get upset if your child has done something wrong or has had something done to him, but remaining calm is important. You should also keep open communication with your child’s teacher to monitor progress as needed.

The best thing you can do for your child is love him and let him know you are there for him. Remember that this bump in the road won’t last forever, and make sure you child knows that as well. Do your best and work together to ensure that your little one is getting the right help so that he can start thriving again.