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What’s the Difference Between Home Care and Assisted Living?

If your loved one needs some assistance with Activities of Daily Living such as dressing, eating, toileting, showering, or moving from place to place, your family will need to consider care options. While some families are able to care for their loved ones by taking turns providing assistance or moving the senior into a family member’s home, this situation does not work for everyone. Two common options to consider are either home care or assisted living.

Home Care

With elderly home care in Massachusetts, seniors are able to continue living in their home with some assistance from a certified caregiver. To make this situation work, families will need to determine what level of care the senior needs and evaluate the safety of the home. It is a good idea to look out for any potential hazards in the home and to make changes to best accommodate the seniors as their physical and mental capacities change.

Depending on the needs of the seniors, the individual may only need a couple of hours of care a day or around-the-clock supervision. How many hours of care are required will greatly affect the overall cost of at-home care.

Assisted Living

Often confused with nursing homes, assisted living communities offer a good balance between providing care and allowing seniors to maintain their independence. These facilities are often set up similar to an apartment with private rooms. Seniors can choose to receive help with only the activities they can no longer perform.

Daily meals are often provided in addition to housekeeping and laundry services. Facilities may offer a wide variety of amenities such as fitness centers, on-site salons, entertainment, transportation, and more. Unlike skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities do not offer 24/7 care and supervision and can provide residents with extensive medical care. The pricing of assisted living depends on the luxury level of the community, the needs of the senior, and facility location.