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3 Reasons To Choose Private High School

Depending on the school district in which you reside, public schools may be a viable option. In many areas, however, there are many issues that plague public schools. While not every circumstance can be avoided, there are numerous benefits to enrolling your child in a private school. High School, in particular, is an important time. Here are three reasons why you should consider a private high school in Florida.

1. Faith Is in the Forefront

While faith is frowned upon in public schools, certain private schools are founded on faith. A Christian school will not only ensure your child learns about the Bible, but they will begin to see life through the lens of a biblical worldview. In addition, different methods such as the Socratic method and logic and reasoning are generally integrated as learning models.

2. Private Schools Are Safer Than Public Schools

A recent study found that private schools were 18 percent less likely to have gang activity at school and 28 percent less likely to have students carrying weapons. They were also at less risk of physical altercations and drug activity. Private schools risk losing students and families if they provide unsafe learning environments, which does not impact public schools.

3. Student-to-Teacher Ratios Are Smaller

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the average class size in a public school is 25 and the average class size in private school is 19. Consequently, the student-to-teacher ratio is smaller in private schools with an average of 12.2 students per teacher compared to 16.1 students per teacher in public school.

There are numerous reasons why seeking a private high school in Florida may be a better option for your child than public schooling. Faith-based focus, safety and student-to-teacher ratios are a couple of examples of the benefits, but there are others. Do your research and decide wisely.