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Choosing the Right Ladies’ Concealed Carry Accessories

More and more women these days are opting to protect themselves with a concealed carry weapon. Thankfully, the number of options has also increased with demand, and now every woman should be able to find the concealed carry items that suit her best.

Type of Concealment

Concealed carry options for women come in three main categories: items worn separately from the body such as purses and totes, non-clothing items worn on the body such as holsters and belly-bands and clothing specifically designed to conceal weapons. You should generally invest in at least two or more types, to be worn in different situations.

Position of the Gun

Where do you want your weapon placed on your body? Are you right or left-handed? How easy does the accessory or clothing item make your weapon to draw? Since protecting yourself effectively often involves responding to the situation as quickly as possible, you should opt for the item that allows the easiest, fastest draw for your particular measurements. Common weapon locations include the belly, the thighs, the lower back and the hips, to name a few.

Style and Comfort

Some women want the concealed carry accessory to be stylish, while others prefer a no-frills utilitarian approach. Usually, items worn separately from the body like purses have many more style options to suit individual tastes. However as the concealed carry trend grows, more companies are offering stylish clothing or cute belly bands, making it possible to feel both pretty and safe.

If you are interested in wearing your gun as concealed carry, then these considerations should help you find the method that works best for you, whether you want a truly invisible pocket, an easily-accessible holster or a stylish purse. This way you can be prepared to protect yourself whenever or wherever you may be, should the need arise.