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How to Become More Decisive

Being indecisive isn’t fun for anyone. People who experience extreme indecision say that it can feel similar to a panic attack. They feel paralyzed to move forward and it can be overwhelming and distressing. Friends and partners of indecisive people can get impatient and frustrated. The good news is that there are some things you can do to help you become more decisive.

Try to Identify Your Fear

A lot of indecision stems from a feeling of fear. People usually fear they will make the wrong decision and it will have serious implications. It may sound cliché, but if you face your fears it can help. The first step is identifying what you’re afraid of. If you can identify it, write it down and then try to approach it logically. Chances are you’re fearing something that isn’t very likely to happen, but you might need to take a step back to see it.

Take a Class

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can take a decision making course. These days you can find courses on just about everything you could imagine. Decision making courses can help students learn how to think critically in order to take a stance on something and be able to move forward.

Make Little Decisions

Making big decisions, like buying a house, can be nerve wrecking for everyone. But generally speaking, most people are okay making small decisions. Indecisive people could start by making little decisions throughout the day until they can work up to bigger decisions.

Consider Long Term Impact

One trick of the trade you can begin practicing is to ask yourself if this decision will matter in ten years. It can help to make decisions if you realize that there aren’t substantial ramifications. Perhaps it’s a significant decision for the day, week or month, but recognizing that something won’t be a huge matter several years down the road can be beneficial.