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How to Get Rid of the Most Common Pests

No one enjoys dealing with an infestation of bugs in their home, but it’s something that many people have to manage at some point. If you find yourself with uninvited guests, here are some ways you can eliminate the most common pests and prevent them from getting in and causing further annoyance or damage.


Flies get into your house through cracks and openings in windows, doors, or attics, so the best way to prevent them from getting in is to make sure all these areas are sealed. Another way to reduce the number of flies in your house is to use good cleaning practices including washing dirty dishes and taking out the garbage as these can be breeding grounds for flies. To get rid of flies that are currently in your home, you can make your own traps.


Termites are some of the most destructive pests, and because of that, they need to be treated with chemicals applied by professionals. The insecticides may be in dust or liquid form, and they’re applied to the soil surrounding your house. Once the pests are gone, you can prevent further infestations by making sure areas around your house and in your foundation aren’t harboring moisture, which termites thrive in. This is why they’re common in humid climates; check out how to get rid of termites in Fort Myers FL.


Ants could get into your house through openings or from nests within your foundation. You should follow any ants you see to discover where they’re coming from; you can even put out bait like peanut butter to attract them. This may lead you to a nest in your wall or floor, in which case you can eliminate the entire nest with an insecticide and then erase the ant trail to prevent more ants from getting in. For prevention, make sure there are no damp areas in your house.

Getting bugs in your house isn’t pleasant, but the problem is usually easily solved. You can always contact a professional if you suspect a bigger problem.