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Seeking A Protective Order In Virginia

A protective order isn’t something you ever thought you would need, so you never really studied up on how to obtain one, or anything else about them. All you know is that the documents come from the judge and they are supposed to protect you from the abuse you are suffering right now. To help you understand a little bit more about the protective order, here are some tips about how it can help you.

1. Types

There are three types of protective orders available in Virginia that can help keep you, your home, and your family safe. They are the Emergency Protective Order (good for 3 days), the Preliminary Protective Order (good for 15 days), and the Full Protective Order (good for up to 2 years).

2. Costs

There is no cost associated with the order itself, though you may have a fee for your lawyer if you have one that files a protective order Fairfax on your behalf.

3. Contact

If you need to make contact with the person that must stay away from you, let the Judge know. This is common among couples that share children. If the prohibited person contacts you other than when allowed by the court, immediately call the police and let them know you have a protective order that the offender just violated.

4. Travel

If you go on vacation, travel for work, or visit family for the holidays, your protective order is still in effect, even in other states. Under federal law, every state must enforce those protective orders issues by every other state across the United States.

5. Broken

If the person continues to break the rules issued by the court under the protective order, call the police each time to make a record of the habitual problem. Once the problem becomes apparent, the accused will be arrested for the crime and charges will be filed.

If you need a protective order, don’t be afraid to ask the court for one. There is no stigma attached when you ask for protection from an abuser.